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What’s the Cost of a Salt Water Chlorinator?

Do you want a great water chlorinator but don’t want to spend a ton of money on the purchase? You are not alone. As a pool owner, the use of a salt water chlorinator is beneficial when you want to enjoy less maintenance on the unit as well as several additional rewards. But, you’re probably wondering how much it’s going to cost to purchase the chlorinator initially.

The cost of a salt water chlorinator varies considerably because many different things come into play to determine its price. The brand is one of those considerations, followed by the features and efficiency of the product. To get the best price on the cost of one of these units, comparing is always in your best interest. It is simple and easy to compare and when you do, you’ll be sure to get the best rates on a unit that you really want and need.

After research, these two models of water chlorinators have been determined to be among the best out there. Select either of these models and enjoy the benefits of the chlorinator without any worry. Of course, there are tons of other models if you do not honk that either of these have what it takes, so remember, the sky is the limit.

Pentair Interlocular Power Center

This chlorinator is one of the best because it is made in the US, is easy to operate and just as easy to install, and has plenty of features on top of an awesomely low price. The product is also popular with customers who cite that it exceeds their expectations.

salt water chlorinator

Zodiac AquaPure Ei Series

Another recommended chlorinator is this model from Zodiac. Although a bit costlier than the Pentair, it is a luxury model that goes above and beyond to flatter your needs.