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Anne of Green Gables DVD Box Set is a Fans Dream

Now is the best time to consider adding a classic period film that is near and dear to so many of our hearts. Anne of Green Gables is finally available on Blu-Ray, DVD, and comes as the total package. The bonus features are incredibly generous with hours of content like documentaries and cast interviews. There are even colorful books, the original soundtrack, and facts you probably never knew.

Come find the magic that never leaves. There’s beautiful country side and emotional connections that Anne of Green Gables makes with those around her.

Charming and Witty Anne of Green Gables

From the very first moment Anne sets foot on the amazing Edward Island you can tell she is in for the experience of her life. The trials and pain that afflict the fiery red head make us bond and cheer her on. As she grows into a fine young woman we notice that she is a romantic at heart. We come to know and love the characters and situations on the Cuthbert farm with every heart warming story. As the story unfolds, the emotional strength that Anne finds within her world leads her along a path of many new discoveries. Anne’s stories include such favorite moments like:

Anne of Green Gables DVD box set.

·    When Anne insults the town matriarch

·    Smashing a slate over Gilbert Blythe’s head because he made her the nickname “carrots” due to her red hair.

·    Accidently getting her friend Diane drunk on currant wine instead of raspberry cordial

You can watch the amazing adventures and enchanting life with an Anne of Green Gables DVD box set. There’s no reason to say good bye to those priceless memories of escaping into Avonlea for hours. Keeping the magic of Edward Island and all the characters and situations alive is easier now thanks to the amazing remastered original films.